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Golden Heart is the result of a non-profit foundation for single women that had its beginnings in the winter of 2005. Ignited by a discussion between Marie (Quist) Palmer and Liz (Quist) Kirk about the purpose of single life, the Mother House Foundation formed as a means of encouraging single women to live deliberately and use their time well in the single years. Erin (Reynolds) Mwanje and Heather Simkins joined the effort and over the next four years, the Mother House Foundation grew to offer a number of different programs, quarterly newsletters, monthly educational pieces, and group gatherings. It reached single women across the country, particularly in the Intermountain West and Washington DC.

The name of the foundation was inspired by the work that Mother Teresa did as a single woman. Mother House was the name of her first dwelling in India where her Missionaries of Charity lived as they cared for the poorest of the poor. The four of us were deeply moved and motivated by her faith, love, and purpose-driven life. Learn more here.

Due to changing circumstances and other projects, the Foundation dissolved in the summer of 2009. One year later, not wanting to put our efforts to rest completely, Liz and Heather began the Golden Heart blog in hopes of continuing to encourage and create community among single women. Erin and Marie have been important contributors along the way! This blog is now the sole project of Heather who continues on her path as a single woman.

What everyone is up to now:
Marie lives with her husband and three beautiful children in Oregon. Her husband, Joel, is attending grad school and they are pursuing their dream of agricultural urbanism, homeschooling, and generally being the coolest little family around. They are thinkers and dreamers and doers…and I’m positive they are the family in their neighborhood that everyone wants to be friends with. Did I mention Joel is musician?? See more here. Also, read their insights here and here.

Liz lives with her husband Dan. She is the Headmaster of Williamsburg Academy, and Dan is an avid entrepreneur. They are two of the most vibrant, interesting people on the planet. They’ll likely be famous someday. (But I’m sure we’ll still call each other “dude”). You can see some of my favorite Liz posts herehere, and here.

Erin is married to an amazing guy Dan who she met in Uganda while there creating a non-profit organization. She is a recent graduate of Harvard University and is the Director of Williamsburg Intermediate. Basically this couple is going to be up in the face of both America and Africa—changing the world one continent at a time. All the while Erin will quietly be making the wittiest jokes of anyone I know. Currently Erin and Dan live in Southern Utah. Some favorite Erin posts here,  here, and here.

Heather is me. I’m living in Southern Utah—working for Williamsburg Intermediate and Elevation Outdoors, studying permaculture, trying to be a good auntie, and seeking to live with purpose. I, along with these three dear friends, have always been a big believer in the power of the sisterhood and love the single women we have met through this process. Can’t wait to hear and share experiences with them and with all of you!

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  1. Shed a couple of tears reading through this. You are a beautiful writer. What would I do without you ladies? So much has come out of our struggles over the years. Will always, always be here for all 3 of you.