October 23, 2013

Cowboy in our blood.

The most awesome thing you've ever seen:

My nephew Asher, who is one of my favorite friends, recently took up an obsession with cowboys...so much so that his mama took him to Cal Ranch and decked him out in these duds. He loves this outfit like it's his best friend and insists on tucking his belt next to him in bed at night. I can hardly handle how excited he gets about the simplest things. He also has some cow print chaps that he wore last Friday when I took him to a local farm to ride on a wagon and pick out a pumpkin. Everyone was smiling at the little 2-year-old who loves cowboys and meanwhile Asher was walking around as if he were born to do this. And maybe he was! He's related to these people after all....

This is Grandpa Jack holding my dad. Asher's middle name is Jack--after his great grandpa pictured here.
Here's my dad about the same age as Asher. When I showed Asher this picture he said, "No, that's me!"
My dad a little older. Classic!
My Grandma Delora riding a horse (love it so much!)...this is Asher's great grandma who was married to Jack.
And Jack again...maybe my favorite picture of all time. This is him on a cattle drive with his brothers.

Ah! These pictures fill my heart so much. I love my family heritage and feel sure that my own deep love for the land and wide open spaces was passed on through this line. Be proud, little Asher, you have a rich history to be grateful for.

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