August 1, 2013

Stuff I like.

I'm three months late in learning this, but Elder Marcus Nash spoke as a formal representative of the LDS Church at a symposium held at the University of Utah this past spring. He presented an official view of the LDS Church on environmentalism. I'm so excited about his message. You can watch his talk here (it's about 30 min).

My favorite (online) places to visit as of late:
Milkwood: A permaculture farm in Australia. Their posts are educational and cover a wide array of topics.
The Barefoot Farmer: He practices biodynamic farming, which is a really beautiful way to work with the land.
Rough Draft Farmstead: One couple's adventure in building their own farmstead in Kentucky.

Books I want to read:
The Art of Fermentation
All Creatures Great and Small

I've been making my own almond milk! After making my own I could never go back to store bought. This takes a bazillion times better. Here's an easy recipe.

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