August 23, 2013


I had the incredible opportunity to attend an herb class in Boulder, Utah a couple of weeks ago, where I learned how to make herbal medicines and also gather and forage for herbs in a compassionate way. It was such a lovely and healing ways I didn't even expect. Our plant mentor was a very wise and beautiful friend named Constance who has a garden that makes you feel like you're coming home.

My friend Jason accompanied me on the trip...where we made sure to get dessert and other delights at Hell's Backbone Grill. That's homemade ice cream and chocolate chili cream you're looking at. YUM.

Then we camped overnight off of the Burr Trail and were swallowed up in a billion stars. Jason is the kind of friend you want to road trip with because he packs a lot of delicious, healthy, homemade food and also tells you awesome stories. Like when he was in his early 20s and decided he would be a good dad someday so he came up with names for his kids. For the boy: Haas (pronounced Hoss). For the girl: Gidget. Also when it's late at night and totally silent on your trip home, he'll ask things like, "What do you think Meredith Baxter-Birney is doing right now?" And I always take his questions seriously, which leads to very awesome discussions.

The Grand Staircase Escalante is one of my favorite havens.

The garden. Don't you feel like little fairies are dancing around in there?

Some dear permaculture friends who also made it to the class.

I can't wait to connect with the plants in my local area and start making plant medicine. I really believe in this kind of healing and the benefits that come from working with nature in such a symbiotic way. Constance practices the Wise Woman Tradition of herbal healing, which makes a lot of sense to me. If anyone is interested, here are a few of many books she recommended:

The Secret Teachings of Plants
Opening our Wild Hearts to the Healing Herbs (I have this one and I loooove it)
The Wise Woman Way
The Book of Herbal Wisdom

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