July 1, 2013

Music for your Monday (and Seattle).

Well done, Audio-Files.

The above video was filmed on the ferris wheel in the background of this photo taken in Seattle:

Other Seattle scenes in order: Space Needle, Pike's Place Market, Gum Wall (ew), the well-known fish-throwing, Seattle Library (amazing), Fremont Bridge, the pier, Fremont Troll, more scenes from the market.

Seattle is a lovely, lovely place. That's my dear friend Jessica in a couple of those pics (and her niece in one of them too)...my host and tour guide and friend of 18 years! It was such a blessing to spend time with her and her husband (before he ditched us for a business trip). Seeing new places is much more fun when you have really wonderful company!


  1. Oh goodness. If that is typical of the Audio-Files I have a new band to like. Seattle pics look very nice :).

  2. Audio-Files is who filmed it...the band is the Head and the Heart. Big fans of both!

  3. Gorgeous pictures - you're such a good photographer!

  4. Oh :). Makes sense. Good Monday morning. I'd love it if you'd shoot me an email to let me know if you respond to my comments or let me know how to have the blog tell me. I'm afraid I miss some. I never want to miss anything from you :).