July 18, 2013

I'm sleeping on the floor.

In my recent travels I discovered by default that I sleep really well on the floor. It was such an awesome discovery that I decided to keep it up at home. ha! Here is the bedroll that I pull out every night at the foot of my actual bed. On the bottom is a thicker yoga mat covered by a quilt. I've slept here for two weeks and counting and it has kind of changed my existence. Seriously! It is far more comfortable to me - I can feel that structurally it is better for my body, even when I sleep on my side. Also, it's cooler on the floor in these hot summer months. I like that it feels more minimal and I would have all this extra space in my room if the actual bed were gone. But maybe the best part of all is that I feel like I'm camping out every night. It's like I'm ten years old in my best friend's backyard. I am totally into this and hope it lasts...will keep you posted.

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