June 3, 2013

Music for Your Monday

I'm almost finished reading Grandfather by Tom Brown Jr, which has me romanticizing about running into the wild and living off the land. My world is very sterile compared to the reverence and awe and harmony he holds with the earth. Need to get some land. The sooner the better... :)

I felt like listening to this song today. Thanks, Alexi Murdoch.

Happy Monday, Golden Hearts.


  1. Unless I'm mixing him up with someone, Tom Brown is the tracking guy that my good friend Missy's mom loves. She's been to everything he teaches and has even helped teach. She has a cob house and land for vision quests and the like an hour or so south of here. On your next visit, let's go see! Pretty song. Thanks.

  2. Tom Brown is a tracking guy, so I'm sure it's the same person. Would love to check out her place!!!