June 28, 2013


I loved Corvallis so much that I kept laughing in my sleep while I was there (true story...there was a witness).  It was wonderful to spend time with my dear friends, to get a glimpse into their lives, to dine over wholesome meals with them, and to hear about their plans for an urban agricultural community. It was the best!

Marie took me on a couple of bike rides where she obviously did all the work. 
I really love this family. These littles melted my heart.

Bikes are everywhere in Corvallis. It made me excited to spend some quality time with Billy.

This table at a local park was crafted out of one piece of wood from a very, very tall tree.

Lovely little hike.

Two of my very favorite friends (and familiar faces on this blog).

The Enchanted Forest theme park...awesome for multiple reasons. It was built by hand by a guy who just wanted to offer something fun for families, so bought some land and worked on it on the weekends. We happened to meet this man, now in his 80s, who was riding around the park on a scooter doing maintenance. Great place for young children, except for "Challenge of Mondor," which was slightly evil.

We were instructed in yoga almost every morning by one of the littles. 
It was amazing, as you can imagine (and a great work-out!).

Joel graduated with an MBA while we were there. So exciting! I'm really inspired by this family...and grateful for their courage and vision and kindness. Love you all! Hope to see you again soon!


  1. Jane says, "I love you." The rest of us agree! Thanks for your sweet post and especially coming to visit and enrich our lives! Hope you are having great adventures in St. George!

  2. Tell Jane I love her too...and all the rest of you!

  3. Heather, this post had me tearing up! What a great trip. Thanks for being the most awesome Aunt Heather ever! Love you!!