April 26, 2013


I've been hanging out for the past 8 months with a bunch of kids who are golden hearts. Today was our last day of school at Williamsburg Intermediate. I have learned and gained and felt so much from this experience...already looking forward to the Fall.

My students worked on a kindness project a couple of months ago and today I compiled their ideas and showed them this list in class. They were adorably impressed. As was I!

400+ Ways to Show Kindness 
by Leadership Students at Williamsburg Intermediate

Talk to them Help them if they need it  Ask questions about them to learn about them Stand up to the one who bullies them if they have a bully Encourage them to do something that they are scared of doing Spend time with them Show your friends how to be friends with them Teach them to do something that they don’t know how to do Invite them to your house or a friend’s house (if your friend agrees first)Respect their belongings and don’t lie to them Don’t call people names  Help others with their work Stand up for others  Don’t Bully  Sharing something you love with them  Say hello to them every time you see them Make them feel like they are important  Help them with their schoolwork and teach them Include them in activities  Make them laugh Say "hi" to them Smile at them Invite the person to do things with you You can stand up for them if someone picks on them You could compliment them on something Show them respect Be considerate of their feelings Be compassionate towards them Treat them with dignity Be real in your attitudes towards them be kind be helpful show you care about them talk to them be their friend don’t be annoyed help them be considerate smile call them and hang out with them Smile Be a friend to all Pick up trash  Let others speak before you Pick your neighbor’s weeds one day without them knowing Tell a family member you love them Hand write a personal thank you card to someone Compliment someone sincerely Encourage people Be a mentor to someone Do the laundry or a chore anonymously (I did one extra) Let someone go first in line Let a sibling come into your room with you (even if they can be like a bomb about to go off.) Help an older person cross the street The next time a friend asks you to listen, listen Compliment somebody Buy a hamburger for a homeless person. (Go the extra mile and buy them a drink and fries!) When you're pulling weeds in your yard, pull your neighbors weeds too The next time you and your sibling/s are fighting over what to watch on TV, let them watch what they want to watch first If you call someone a name, give them three compliments to make up for it When your friend comes over to your house and your younger sibling wants all of their attention, let them have your friend's attention for a few minutes. Compliment people Ask them about how their day went Show interest in what they do Say hi to someone random, it shows that they are noticed When you pass someone older give them a quick smile, makes them happy Hold the door open for people Be happy and lively, when you are happy in generally reflects onto others Give hugs Help parents cook dinner Tell them when they did something well Compliment Ask a question about something they are knowledgeable about Do favors for them Have a ready ear for listening Go places with them Do things with them Help them with something they are in need of Saying “hi” Smile Asking for their advice on a particular subject To serve them To help them To play with them To love them To appreciate them To do things they want to do To let them know that your there friend Do not call them names To just be nice to them To also do what they want you to do for them like for example Like if they are sick share help people who are struggling Help your siblings with school Keep your promises Think of others before yourself Listen to your parents Use kind words Buy people presents Make friends Don't call names Say hello Ask their name Teach them something Be near them Do something nice Give them a gift Try to make conversation Find out more about them Hang out with them Help them out Give help to someone who looks like they need help Hold the door open for someone carrying too many things Ask if you can help carry some of the things the person is holding In school if someone looks like their having trouble with a problem, ask if they need help with it Shovel someone’s driveway Rake someone’s yard If it’s garbage day, pull in someone’s garbage cans from the road back to their house Take out someone’s garbage cans Carry someone’s books for them Comfort someone who needs comfort Mow someone’s lawn Speak gently, always being positive and lifting others Help people, with no thought of reward Overlook others' mistakes; have great patience with imperfections Forgive easily and quickly Put the needs and desires of others before your own Share the good things in your life freely Be genuinely interested in the welfare of others Give of yourself--especially your time Be polite and courteous Share another's burden Give them ice cream write them a letter Send them encouraging texts Take a friend to a movie offer to babysit help kids with they're homework make dinner for your own or someone else family buy someone a gift ding dong ditch cookies at a neighbors do service at a shelter or just around the house Smile at people Compliment them Talk to people Give hugs Be with people Do things for people Stand up for people Pay attention to everybody and not just some people Share your pickles Giver other people time to talk and not just you talking Bonus* Make sure you brush your teeth in the morning Put a homeless individual in a hotel for the night Snow shovel a neighbor’s driveway just to help out Give a small child candy, and words of care to light up their day Create a gift basket with love and care to give to someone Go to a food bank and donate your time to helping give food Be kind no matter what someone is saying to you Donate your bike to a child in Africa Give to some sort of charity Persevere with someone with whatever issue they have to the end Give someone your all You could compliment them, not flattery but mean it You could find out what they like and buy it for them You could get to know them and even if they like weird stuff and don’t like the things you do, treat them nice and respect them You could take them to their favorite restaurant for dinner You could make them feel special on their birthday You could bring them breakfast in bed while they are sick You could give them a foot massage You could escort them around You could get them their very own tub of ice-cream You could go to their house to play games Give someone a complement help somebody when they ask get someone something for now reason help when nobody asks give someone money who is in a bad financial situation give someone a place to stay offer to watch someone’s kids drive someone to the airport give someone your old clothes give someone a tour of whatever/wherever they are new Tell someone they are awesome/cool whatnot Make someone's bed for them Do dishes for your mother Help take care of animals Help your Mom or dad Open a door for the elderly Cook a meal Vacuum the floor Clean your room for your mom Take out the trash Make a donation Help with yard work Open door for others Pick up trash in your neighborhood Wash car Nice greetings Share Help fix something that is broken Water plants Give a compliment Never make fun of people who might have disabilities or body problems If someone is being made fun of or mistreated always take the chance you have to stand up for them If someone is looking lonely or sad be a friend and start cheering them up or playing with them, and if they are excluded from a game etc. start playing with them If someone is in need, (needs help carrying something, lost something etc.) help them and see to their need If someone is being unkind to you or someone else try to be friends with them and see if you can change their understanding If you are playing with your friends and they want to exclude a sibling, try to persuade them that it would be fine to play with him/her and if they don't give in just play with your sibling If there is an elderly person (or someone who isn't elderly) in your neighborhood that is sick or lonely, visit them and make them your friend If a sibling takes a belonging or something you were using try to trade with them nicely or just let them use it until they are finished If a sibling breaks/damages a toy or a belonging or yours, don't get angry Just say, its okay and try to repair it, or save up to buy yourself a new one If you see someone you know looking frazzled ask them what’s wrong If they say they have a lot of things to do today and they have to walk their dog, you could offer to walk the dog for them, or help them with their chores keeping your temper smile at someone who is bored do good in your school work (you will be being kind to yourself) invite someone to a party B-day party etc. donate to charity programs that use the money wisely  bring someone sad dinner compliment someone play with your brother even if you don’t want to and be a good example confront someone who is lonely help those who can't help themselves do serves to those who need it shovel an elderly persons drive way take food to those who are sick visit those in prison lend a hand building shelves clean someone room or house doing community service Clean up your house for your parents  Make breakfast in bed for your parents Write encouraging letters to someone who needs them Include someone you usually wouldn’t Help someone with their homework Cook dinner for your neighbor Offer to watch your siblings for a day so your parents can have a break Organize some ones house or a room for them  Offer to walk some ones dogs for them Stick up for someone who is getting bullied Make their bed for them if they forget Do your chores without being asked to Help old people across the street Put groceries away for your mom when you get back from the store ASAP Help siblings with homework Offer to carry a newborn sibling for your mother or father on a family trip Send money to a military unit to help pay for medical supplies and such Help your dad mow the lawn Participate in an organization that makes food for the poor and homeless Play with younger siblings so they don't bug the parents while they are busy  I did the dishes without being asked I played with my brother When I made lunch I made my little sister some to and my mom was happy with me then When my older sister was feeling down I cracked some jokes and cheered her up =) When I came to class I complemented Hadlee on her hair I helped my little sister get dressed for church I cooked dinner one night I baby sat for my mom I came to class happy and ready to go I helped my little brother with Faith in god I did my best to not call names this week I took pictures of my older sister because she wanted me to Smile a lot. Listen to people talking (everyone likes being listen to:) Do NOT criticize put yourself in the other persons shoes Just simply say thank you when someone does something kind for you  Be a friend to someone who seems lonely  Write a note to someone explaining why you appreciate them Hold the door for an elderly person at the grocery store Help a little kid tie his/her shoe Pick up litter at the park Give a quarter to someone for vending machines  Help you little brother (or anyone) up when they fall off their bike  Wash the dishes for your parents  Share... anything! A cookie with your brother, your bike with your friend because her tire is popped or anything Go to bed when your parents ask you to Help your mom make dinner opening doors doing the laundry taking care of a friends pet doing things on time don't talk to people behind there back help others with dishes help others with the garbage  keep my room clean  make my bed donate blood Play games with a person that is lonely Make someone’s bed for them without them knowing  Make a surprise dinner  Help someone when they are hurt  Help you younger siblings clean up their messes Send a senior citizen a letter or a smile Visit your local animal shelter or nursing home and volunteer Babysit for free once in a while Just smile and say hi  Make a meal for elderly couples, people who need meals etc.  Mail a letter to a friend Crochet hats for cancer patients Play with siblings when they want you to Help mom around the house Help elderly neighbors with yard work Say thank you to the mailman pick up trash in the neighborhood Help with the children at church Give compliments.


  1. How fun. I bet they love you.

  2. Oh my goodness. This is sweetest thing ever.