March 22, 2013

Land of Enchantment

I love, love, love New Mexico. The end.

On our drive through the desert...Arizona doesn't mess around with their sunsets.

Santa Fe Farmer's Market (which is definitely not lame).

 Ta da!

Monster xylophones? Yes please.

Santa Fe scenes.

 Favorite Taos bookstore from days gone by.

 The Southern Rockies!

 Philmont Scout Ranch...where I spent almost a year of my life (combined).

 I need to tell them they spelled this wrong.

Mourning over my lacerated hand (I don't do well with cracked sidewalks). Do you like the bang-up bandage job?

Rio Grande Gorge

Please say "earthship" with an alien voice.

 So fun!!! If Banff is coming to a city near you, I would definitely recommend it.

 At Jackalope in Santa Fe...where there is also a prairie dog village and where I bought turquoise :).

The morning after we lost my car keys, had my car towed to the dealer, had them make a new key (in which they ripped us off), then later found my keys at the chocolate kiosk where we apparently were very distracted the night before.

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