February 14, 2013


My mom took to writing poems for all 16 grandkids this Valentine's Day. I especially liked this one:

For Asher:
Cows live in pastures,
Fishes live in the sea,
Santa lives with Dasher,
Will you live with me?

She may have missed her calling in life.

I was also gifted with a poem, along with two boxes of coconut milk ice cream bars (be still my heart). Here are the words she penned for me:

In nineteen seventy-seven
You came to us from heaven,
Such a lovely sweet babe
And much happiness you've made,
We gave you the name Heather,
We have all loved you together,
You are now a woman of grace,
You could never, ever be replaced,
Now on this Valentine's Day
Remember how you are loved, okay!

Nothing like the love from your mama, right? In your face, cupid. This poem is all I need.


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