January 4, 2013


In 2012 I...

 Celebrated 35 years!

Danced around in colored chalk.

Explored the Grand Staircase.

Met a new niecie.

Celebrated the marriage of one of my dearest friends.

Met a new nephew.

Moved out of my beloved studio apartment.

Road-tripped through California for an entire month!

Welcomed home my mom and dad.

Watched Neil Diamond do his thing.

Studied permaculture in Boulder, Utah.

Spent Christmas with loved ones.

Brought in the new year in one of my favorite places!

I also started a new job in 2012...one of my biggest blessings.

It's been such a full year--full of surprises and beauty and love and learning. The past 12 months have changed my worldview in really unexpected and lovely ways. Feeling very grateful for that. And looking forward to new goals, plans, friendships, and surprises in the year ahead!

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