January 23, 2013

Pinterest and PTSD.

Follow Me on Pinterest  I finally gave in to pinterest and truthfully I can see what the fuss is about - the best part being that it was only addicting for one day and now it's just interesting when I have a minute here and there. People are inspiring...and I like them. I think if you click this button you can check out the boards I've been creating for a quick, happy escape. (Pinterest, take me away!)

But let it be known that I'm still not giving into facebook or twitter because I need to maintain some level of obliviousness.

I missed the inauguration on Monday, although I've been reminiscing about his first inauguration, which I attended live. I had moved to DC about two weeks prior and our house was a 20 minute walk from the Capitol, so it was easy to be in on all the fervor. I wish I could say I remember a lot of details about the day, but basically there is only one that stands out: it was FREEZING!!! I was new to humid cold to begin with, but that day was extra awful. Any flashback gives me instant anxiety and cold chills. So I'm left with post traumatic stress, which is why I now live in the desert and feel actual wrath if I'm even a little bit chilly.

We (friends and I) ended up watching the inauguration on a jumbo screen at the WWII Memorial. It was this packed from the Lincoln Memorial to the Capitol Building. We had to move in droves. You'd think that would make things a little warmer, but that was not the case. Ugh.

This is along the parade route...right before we decided that nothing was worth the agony we were experiencing and decided to head home.


  1. I also only remember it being very, very cold. I also never want to be in a crowd of a million people ever again.

  2. Seriously Marci! Done and done. So nice to see a comment from you!

  3. I like how you are about 18 years old in that picture, though it was only 4 years ago :).