January 14, 2013

Let's talk about showers.

Solar shower at Red House Farm

This past September I lived in a tent and studied permaculture for 2 weeks with about 30 other people. When you're studying sustainability and also sharing one solar shower among 30 people, you become pretty sensitive to water usage. I used the solar shower once when I was there and probably could have gone the whole two weeks except that my hair was turning into dreds. When I got home it wasn't really even a conscious decision at first--I had just adapted to not showering much and was more aware of this super awesome and precious resource and before I knew it, a few days had gone by. I've kept it up (for the most part) since then.

A few tips:
1. I wasn't showering every day prior to this, so my body had already adapted some. Also, I eat a pretty clean diet (no processed anything), which definitely helps you to not smell.

2. There are benefits to allowing the natural oils in your skin and hair come out. Both my hair and skin feel healthier. My hair doesn't get oily (I've washed my hair once or twice a week for years) except around my face where I use oil as a moisturizer. I just brush arrowroot powder on that part of my hair. Also, my skin is so much less itchy!

3. I also dry skin brush almost every day, which gets rid of dead skin and is super invigorating! It's also really good for your lymphatic system. It feels very cleansing.

4. I use homemade deodorant that is made of natural ingredients (coconut oil, cocoa butter, baking soda, cornstarch, vitamin E, and essential oils). It is the best deodorant I have ever used! So effective and natural that I actually feel like I could now get away with no deodorant at all. No shower necessary.

5. I don't use lotions, perfumes, or unnatural soap and hair products. When you're not putting chemicals on your body, I think it's easier to go several days without showering. You really don't feel as smelly, sticky, and...chemical-y?

6. No one has told me that I have body odor, but if any of you are holding back, please don't. :)

7. I'm not the only one! See here and here.

8. Hey everyone, let's be mindful of the environment.

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  1. Heather! I am the same as you! Well, similar in this way and some others which are less awkward to bring up in social settings! Now in Oregon we don't have to worry so much about water usage as you do in the desert, but I also add the time savings and, as Joel happened to have mentioned just this morning, the fact that I may save us a whopping ten bucks per month.