January 16, 2013

Interview: Emily Andrade

Thanks to my dear friend Emily for her thoughts and wisdom. I'm excited to share a part of her with you today!

Where do you live and what do you do?

I live in St George, Utah and I teach English for several different schools, a charter school called Success Academy, Southern Utah University in Cedar City and Dixie State College here in St. George. 
Do you feel like you have a personal cause or mission that keeps you motivated in life?

I seek to spread happiness to others through my teaching, through my creative writing and just having a positive attitude. I love to smile, laugh and cry, to create, to learn new things, and share my insights with others and listen to their wisdom.

Do you have a mentor or role model that has inspired you to do hard things? How have they helped you?

I believe it's important for every woman to have a strong personal mentor who is a woman. One of mine is my once screenwriting professor at Ball State University, Dr. Stacy Embry. Stacy encouraged me to be proud of my work but also to be better. She teaches through example, herself being a single, educated professional who loves her family, life, learning, creativity and her students. I want to be a strong and loving mentor to others because of her.

Emily with her family.
What things bring you the greatest happiness? What is your personal philosophy about happiness?

All that comes from nature makes me happy. Mountains, sunny and cloudy weather, ants, bees, grass, vegetables and fruits. But we also are part of nature, so we should create. Whether cooking, sewing, writing poetry, walking, whatever, if I am using my creativity to make the world more beautiful, I am happy. And I love to see the beauty that other people create. I believe happiness is in knowing who you are, and working towards what you want to become, and loving all that.

If you had "had the chance," what would you tell yourself ten years ago, to prepare yourself for where you are today?

10 years ago I was living at home, going to college and working as a waitress in a Mexican restaurant. I loved my life. But things got harder as I became more independent, and made good and bad decisions. Where I am today I never imagined I would be. I imagined I would be married with children, living comfortably in a nice house. I certainly never thought I'd go through a nasty marriage, then divorce, be unemployed, live with my parents again, leave my religion then find it again and so many other challenges. So, I would remind myself to stay strong in every way. I'd also wish I would've learned earlier the value of exercise and a clean diet. I have a rare auto immune disorder that doesn't things easy but when I take care of my body, it's a lot easier.

Biggest fear?

I'm afraid of never accomplishing my dreams, of being too lazy, tired or fearful.

Wildest dream?

I'd love to own and run a trail riding business. I love horses and I love trails. It'd be perfect.

What advice do you have for single women?

Find your passion or passions and hold onto them. No matter what, you are worth it and your dreams are worth it. Even if you fail, which you probably will sometime, you can come back stronger from those hard experiences. 

Share yourself with other women. We need each other. We need to see examples of other strong women who are trying to figure it out. We need to hear each others' stories of heartache and triumph.

Appreciate everything in life and I mean the beautiful and the ugly, the fun and the boring, the happy and sad. It is hard to be single sometimes but we need to be comfortable with ourselves before we can be comfortable with someone else. 

Anything can be a new learning experience- there are new people to meet, new things to see, hear, touch, taste and feel everywhere. 

Also, it's okay to be sad or confused- it means that you are a complicated healthy human being. Just be patient with yourself and you'll get through it. 

Finally, have a relationship with something that is bigger than you. Whether it's a deity or a cause- it will give you purpose. I'm a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and this gives me direction in my life. It's my personal relationship with Jesus that helps me move forward in every facet of my life. 

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