January 29, 2013

Dream weaver.

Sometimes I read Eugene England essays in the middle of the night.

Like last night when I woke up and my mind started churning about composting and planting a garden and rocket stoves. I spaz about preparedness in the middle of the night.

But Bro England's tone can usually calm me down.

Enough that I fell back to sleep and had a recurring dream about being back in college with five roommates. Only I'm my current age and all of my roommates are 18 and 19...and I'm usually trying to decide which one I'm going to share a room with. But they all have posters of movie stars on their walls and piles of clothes laying around and bedazzled bedspreads and seem to watch a lot of reality TV. Right before I'm about to hyperventilate is when I wake up. I've read that once you get the message you need from your recurring dreams, they will stop. Any interpreters out there?

I don't think there should have to be so much to process in the morning about your sleeping hours: dreams, essays, compost piles, why I had to use the bathroom three times, etc. Just let me drop off, brain!

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