December 26, 2012

A different kind of Christmas Eve...

My sister and her entire family had the about a bummer. She sent a picture early on Christmas Eve with all her sweet littles laying around on the floor wrapped in blankets, which pretty much broke my heart. That night we (brothers and families and mom and dad) showed up on their doorstep with dinner and sang some Christmas carols. What a very sweet reaction from all of them...despite our less than musical abilities. :)

Then I lacerated my finger on an immersion blender and had to go to the ER for stitches. Doc said I really did a number on myself. Sorry for the gruesome blood.

Fourteen stitches later they wrapped it up with this massive bandage, which caused my mom and I to start laughing so hard that we were in tears in the ER. It was also the source of a lot of awesome jokes over the next 24 hours.

Santa did indeed find his way to our house and it was such a nice day--even with all the mild trauma around here. I hope it was for you too!

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