October 4, 2012

What is permaculture?

I love this explanation from one of my classmates Andy:

"Permaculture practices [pertain to] a healing of the harsh impacts on the land and our communities from years of exploitative and extractive economics. Perma-"Culture" is a holistic approach to restoring INTACT lasting cultural systems between people and the land that sustains them. It counters the cultural and ecologically damaging trends we see today such as pressure on the indigenous people of the planet and the ancient knowledge they embody rekindling a deeply felt awareness that extends from our innermost experience to the great cycles and pulsations of the cosmos restoring ecological connectivity from the grass roots up. "That which sustains" creates our culture, a community that recognizes and harmonizes to "that which sustains" realizes authentic cultural emergence naturally."

Photo is courtesy of friends Brian and Katie who attended the course and will be taking permaculture practices back to Kenya through their non-profit organization. Brian is an amazing musician and they raise money for their non-profit by performing all over...traveling around the country in a bus that runs on veggie oil. I really love them. Check out Brian's music here.

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