September 5, 2012

New job.

Sunrise from a recent morning jaunt into the desert. 

I started a new job as a leadership coach for Williamsburg Intermediate. That basically means getting to know middle-school age kids and encouraging them to be awesome. It's so, so great. My two former co-bloggers Erin and Liz are the Director and Assistant Director of the school, which they had only 2 1/2 months to create. I'm so impressed with what they have accomplished! I keep really good company, you know? Such dear and always-doing-amazing-things kind of friends. 
Feeling very blessed. 


  1. Felt a little cheated when I saw that you were teaching and that Alex didn't make it into your session. But he's happy so it's all working out.

  2. Oh I'm feeling cheated! So great he's at the school!

  3. It's so fun to hear my homeschooling friends here talking about Williamsburg! The best was Thursday when my friend said that her son's mentors are Heather Simkins, Erin Reynolds and Erin Mwanji (sp?). I had to explain that that is actually two mentors! I hope her son gets to have Liz sometime, too!