September 11, 2012

Eleven years.

Eleven years ago today my dad was on a flight to Pennsylvania...all I knew was that one of the planes had gone down in Pennsylvania. I was in a panic and worried that this tragedy could become very, very real for my family. After hours of the unknown we discovered that he was safe--his plane diverted to Texas where he rented a car to drive home.

I worked very early in the morning and I remember driving on the freeway to work during those next days, in the dark morning sky, listening to NPR and feeling like the darkness of the sky was sinking into my body. Darkness and solemnity.

This morning I asked my students to think about the victims of 9/11 during our minute of silence and one girl said, "what was 9/11 again?" I was shocked to realize that something so packed in my memory is just a story for many of these kids--that some of them weren't even born yet. I felt that obligation I think we all feel to never let the victims go unremembered.

Sending my thoughts and prayers to all of the families for whom this tragedy was very real. 

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