August 31, 2012

The wild.

One week after returning from CA I left to work at Elevation Outdoors for two weeks...two weeks of bliss! The kids were incredible, I got to sleep in a tent, see the stars, rock climb, learn how to lead climb (!), rappel, meditate, do yoga, brave a hailstorm, use a camp stove, sit around a campfire, learn to be more authentic, and most of inspired by a bunch of teenagers doing all this cool stuff with me. I didn't want to leave!

A reoccurring lesson for me is the value of seeing things as they really are...seeing others, ourselves, and our relationship with God in an honest way. The gap, especially, between how we view ourselves and how others view us is often so wide and filled with lies that we believe about our worth. So grateful for the truth and how it allows us to be free. Grateful for lessons remembered in the wild. 

Happy Labor Day weekend all! Any awesome plans? Not sure if anything can top the Neil Diamond concert I'm heading to.


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