July 26, 2012

Trip: Seeds and ice cream

Petaluma Seed Bank

Screamin' Mimi's homemade ice cream shop (where I've been three times already)
Today I tried lavender ice cream. Amazing!
 Spring Lake at Howarth Park--a beautiful space right in the middle of the city!

Woke up early, drove to Petaluma to chat with Deborah's farmer friend at First Light Farm, visited the Petaluma Seed Bank which was started by the smarties at Baker Creek (it's in an actual old bank and they only sell heirloom seeds!), lunch at Whole Foods, quick stop at Laguna Farm, browsing at Rosemary's Garden, ice cream at Screamin' Mimi's, dinner with my parents, and a walk around Spring Lake with my mom.

Such a lovely day!

p.s. my favorite names of towns in No Cal: Sebastapol, Occidental, Petaluma, Bodega, Healdsburg, and Yountville.

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