July 25, 2012

Trip: Pizza and pesto

 Ocean Song Farm (Isn't that a beautiful name? And a beautiful mama?)
 One of many old farmhouses/barns in Sebastapol, CA..where I want to live forever and ever. :)
 Eggplant at the farmer's market. The color was so stunning!
Farmer's market fig and goat cheese gluten free pizza. Mmmmm!

Today I volunteered at the Occcidental Arts and Ecology Center in Occidental, CA. I loved it! And I'm still thinking about the noon time meal...if I had been more bold and/or unaware I would have guzzled an entire glass of the homemade pesto sauce. Oh my! I also used a composting toilet for the first time. Love the idea of it--still gaining a testimony of it. After the gardening I drove to the coast with my friend Deborah. So many quaint little towns by the sea. We sat on a bench in the sun and soaked it all in and I felt so grateful for this happy little road trip. 

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  1. Oh my gosh, I'm dying over all of these beautiful pictures!!! This is the most gorgeous trip ever!