July 11, 2012

Trip: First day on the farm.

I saw this on my drive to the farm today...the only picture I took because I was busy doing farm stuff, of course. Yay! This truck full of hay bales made me feel like I was back in Gunnison, Utah.

I'm helping out at Morning Star Ranch and today I harvested tomatoes, transplanted seedlings, and planted seeds to be sprouted in the green house. It's all pretty basic stuff, but I really learned so much.

Morning Star is a community of awesomeness that chooses to live with all things in common. Because there are about 60 people there at the moment, they grow food in mass production--not only to feed to the community, but to sell at four different farmer's markets and also to use in two delis. It's amazing! All of the meals are eaten as a community, so at lunchtime we gathered at the main house for a beautiful spread of food from the garden. I'm fascinated by pretty much every single aspect of their lives (and remembered my tip of asking a lot of questions). They are a very gracious group of people.

I felt very quiet inside when I left the farm. It's grounding for me to be doing this...even more grounding to do it while talking with very kind people about unity and letting go of pride and healing relationships. These people are doing something right.

Can't wait for more.

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