July 10, 2012

Trip: A farm miracle

The last four days in California have been lovely and refreshing and for a minute a tad stressful, but then extra lovely again.

I'm staying with my friend Lisa in San Marcos (approx. 35 miles north of San Diego). Her home is peaceful and she is peaceful, so I feel quite lucky to be here. She's been a gracious host...making delicious food and showing me the quaint beach towns not far from here. Couldn't ask for a better "home base" while I'm in So Cal. 

I wanted to spend a lot of time touring farms and checking out the local food on this trip, but anticipated the farm stuff would have to mostly wait for No. California. I know of dozens of farms in the north, but not many in So Cal, so I guessed this leg would be mostly beach time and other touristy things (there is PLENTY to see and lots of delicious local food). Turns out that the thoughts of me on the beach for more than an hour stressed me out. I need to be doing!! My hands need to dig into some soil...and the sooner the better.

Yesterday I found a farm where I'll be volunteering the rest of this week. There was some method in finding the place, but in the end it feels like a miracle. They run a quaint little deli near the farm, so I made the beautiful drive there through green hills and a windy road and just hoped to be able to talk to someone about the farm. I met some of the kindest people on the earth (I'm quite sure) and they were very happy to host a WWOOFer on short notice. Not only did we spend an hour and a half talking about similar beliefs, but they gifted me with a bag of produce and a liter of their homemade green drink. I left feeling like my heart was on fire. Looking forward to telling you more about this place as I get to know them. 

The pics above are from my walk this morning with Lisa's dog Maggie (including the local community garden, which was nice to come upon) and also from an arts & crafts festival we attended last night in Laguna beach. I love the vegetation in California. And I love the PCH

Today I'm heading over to Encinitas to check out this food joint and a meditation garden. More pics to come.


  1. This looks wonderful! I love your ability to stay in tune with what you really care about when you could get distracted! Can't wait to hear more about your travels.

  2. Thanks for reading, friend. Your encouragement means so much. Love you!!