July 29, 2012

A history of road trips.

I found photos from past California road trips and I have loved reliving them. Each has been fantastic for different reasons and also for the same reason: because it's California! Following is a brief history.
 2006: This is an epic road trip for Liz's birthday (with dear friends Marie and Nicky too), who always said if she were single when she turned 30 she wanted to do it out of the country. Sooooo being the poor grad students that we were, we saved our pennies and made sure she was in Tijuana at midnight. Not the safest idea, but definitely memorable. Wowzers! Of course we also spent a day at Disneyland and lived it up eating turkey legs and getting high on life at Space Mountain. 
2007: For some reason I can't find any pictures from the road trip Liz and I took for my 30th birthday. DAAAANG! It was so much fun. We slept in my car at Huntington Beach, then camped on the beach at Dana Point Harbor and Liz lit up 30 candles in a pint of Ben & Jerry's. On the way home we rode this roller coaster at Stateline, which damaged us both physically and psychologically...so much so that I took this picture of me shaking my fist at the thing three years later.
2008: This is from a road trip to an educational conference in So Cal with the Pattersons. We walked along the beach and attended the Newport Beach Temple (so lovely). The next morning their friend who loves MAC make-up painted my face, which was mildly traumatizing for someone who doesn't really understand that kind of thing. 
2010: I drove to LA and met up with Liz who flew out from DC for this long weekend trip. We rode a double decker tour bus in Hollywood, visited Balboa Island, spent a day at Disneyland (of course), and met Jan from the Office! See more here.
2012: Road trip of a lifetime. And I still have an entire week left! I'm so lucky. You have been good to me, CA.


  1. Keep on truckin'! I'm lovin' it.

  2. Oh my gosh, SO many great memories!!!! (What was I thinking with those bangs??) I'm glad you've got a week's worth of CA trip still left! The pictures are absolutely beautiful! Love ya and hoping we'll get another good road trip in sooner than later, xoxo!