June 2, 2012

Stuff that's going on.

I always feel like I owe an apology when I haven't blogged forever...and then I remember that a) this isn't a job (in fact my real job is taking most my time) and b) none of you are waiting on pins and needles to find out what's going down in my little world. Phew!

Nonetheless, here's what's been going down in my little world:

I gave notice to said job and my last day is June 15th! More on summer plans later.
I signed up for this and I'm so excited I might cartwheel across the library in a minute.
I like what these folks are up to.

Happy Saturday!


  1. Though I have missed you, I know you gotta live! It is ALWAYS great to read your posts. The permaculture thing looks great!! I can't wait for a post about your race (not white people, the barefoot one, of course)!

  2. I love Boulder and the people who choose to live there. Say hi to the Ryans and my friend Laura. I am sure you will run into them, it's a small town. Have an awesome time!

  3. This is awesome!! When are you going? You'll be in heaven.