June 4, 2012

Auntie business.

Last week I attended my oldest niece's graduation from high school. Whaaaaat?? Not sure 
how 18 years flew by like that. She's darling (obviously) and I'm quite proud of her. 
Congratulations Kayla! Now please stop growing up.
Also, she graduated from the high school I attended until I was 16, 
so when they busted out the school song I knew every single word. It was awesome.

The day after graduation festivities, I headed to my sister's house to meet my newest nephew. 
Aaaaaa! He is so sweet! I loved being able to help my sis and her family for a few days. Nothing more precious than brand new littles. Welcome to the world, baby Reise. Your auntie has a serious crush on you.

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  1. That baby is too cute for it's age! Newborns aren't supposed to look that together! He's beautiful.