March 1, 2012

The most annoying person on the planet:

Nellie Oleson. 
(who else?)

She's really been bugging me lately.
Image here.


  1. I'm totally with you! It's like Kimmy Gibler - why do you let this girl into your home?? I wonder if anyone watches these shows and realizes, "oh my, I'M the Nellie Oleson!" and then drastically changes themselves? I know a lot of people like George Castanza but when he comes onscreen I want to change the channel.

  2. Once Oprah or someone had a show with the actress that played Nellie and several other hated characters. Seems like most of them said it ruined their careers. Now it's making Nellie's again. I guess she has no choice, that's all we can see in her now. You might even have trouble getting a job as a cashier after that.