March 25, 2012

Birthday Post #1

My sisters (minus one—we missed you Chaliese!) surprised me with a girl’s weekend for my birthday! We ate good food, did some shopping, stayed at a resort, bought matching green t-shirts for St. Patty’s day, got pedicures, and stayed up ‘til the wee hours talking and laughing. I was pretty much in heaven and feel very blessed to have celebrated my 35th with the people who have seen me through more birthdays than anyone. I’ve thought a lot about this post that Liz wrote and can attest that having sisters has definitely made my life happier. I love them so much and wanted to share some of the reasons why. Introducing….my sisters:

Marni:  My big sis (the only one I’ve got). She often says things like “It was the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen in my whole entire life” and I think she really means it every time she says it. She makes me laugh so hard sometimes I can barely handle it. She also has a heart of gold—one of the most unselfish people that I know. When I got divorced she gave me the best advice about how to move on (she probably doesn’t even know that) and then she made me laugh…it was just what I needed. Once I went on a trip with Marni and her daughter to Washington DC and she insisted on buying me a t-shirt at the National Archives with a picture of Elvis and President Nixon. I still wear it all the time and every time it makes me smile. It’s good for a girl to have a big sis.

Amber: People mistook us for twins growing up—we’re only 13 months apart and she was my closest friend when we moved to a new high school when I was 16. I don’t think I would have survived without her. She has three busy little boys and one on the way, which requires a lot of patience (which she has). She’s also got some tough love in her and I think it’s fantastic when she lovingly gets in someone’s face…even when it’s mine. She’s the type that thinks to put together sweet little care packages for our missionary parents and she loves to have company in her home—an incredibly gracious hostess. She runs a bilingual preschool and also runs the women’s organization in her ward. I feel kind of stressed just thinking about her life, but I never see her stressed. It’s amazing! (Because she's amazing.)

Darci:  She is deeply and authentically herself, which endears her to a lot of people. Also, she loves surprises, which is how this girl’s weekend ended up being organized. She made the whole weekend perfect! Darci has a thousand little sayings particular to her…one of my favorites being variations on the phrase “saddle up.” When she invites me over for dinner she’ll say “Do you want to saddle on over for dinner?” I. Love. It. Her husband was in school for ten years and Darci was so happy through it all. She has the absolute best attitude. I have basically followed them around the country during those ten years (first to Northern Utah, then to the East coast, now to Southern Utah)—so we’ve been each other’s family when no one else was around. Such a blessing! 

Brena: I feel very grateful to have sisters-in-law who are just like sisters. When Brena married my brother I assumed that he really lucked out, even though I didn’t know her well. I was right. :) She is beautiful and talented—in fact I’ve waited for months before to get a haircut because I didn’t want anyone else to do it but her. I love that she is so comfortable to be around and is also so aware of other people’s comfort. She understands make-up and jewelry and all this kind of stuff that I have never understood, so I’m pretty fascinated by her innate abilities to fancy up. She has the darkest features and yet both of her kids are blue-eyed blondies just like my brother. So funny. Also, she likes to talk with me about health and we haven’t yet worn each other out on it, so that’s awesome!

Chaliese: She married my youngest brother and again…brother lucked out! Chaliese is probably the most easy-going person I have ever been around. In fact, she reminds me a lot of my mom and I think that is quite a compliment. I’ll never forget after they were first married and they planned a family home evening for me and my two nieces who I was babysitting that involved climbing to the top of a dome-shaped building in my hometown. The whole thing has to be done at night and in secret because it’s not technically legal or whatever. So brother had to get up there first and then throw down a rope to hoist up the rest of us…not very easy and quite a sight. Chaliese and I were laughing so hard and I pretty much thought of her as a dear friend ever since. She’s just naturally thoughtful, sweet and patient—and always up for fun. It's really peaceful to be around her. And she seems to like our family even though we’re a tad obnoxious!

Aren't they beautiful? And they always make me feel loved and cared for. It was a weekend I will always remember. Thanks for the best birthday sisters! I love you!!


  1. Awe! I love you Heath. What a sweet post. Deep down I know you are happy that I'm older and will be using Detrol LA before you!

  2. This post made me laugh and cry!! So sweet Heather...thank you!!

  3. Heather, I'm so glad you had such a special event for your birthday! What wonderful, beautiful, fun, and amazing sisters you have (and I can testify to that from real life experience)!

  4. Ah heather your so sweet. I'm not gonna lie I got a little teary eyed! Your the best, I'm do sad I missed spending time with everyone, I know I missed out on good times:) so excited to see you this weekend!!