February 11, 2012

You May Always Know

I love hearing quotes that make positive assertions about knowledge. This world, and my soul, seems sometimes so full of "I don't know." Perhaps that's why I love this quote so much.

"If you feel discouragement at any time,...go to some quiet place and kneel down and pray to the Lord to ask him to rebuke the evil spirit, for you may always know that discouragement and despondency are the results of an evil influence. Some of the best men in the world have been attacked by it, and only by persistent prayer and faith have they been able to rebuke it...A man cannot be unhappy while the spirit of the Lord is burning in his bosom."
George A. Smith, in council to a missionary


  1. I was just thinking about this this morning when I was having negative, self-doubt type of thinking. I did rebuke Satan! (haha) Thanks for sharing.

  2. By the way, I shared this quote and put it on a handout for a Relief Society class I recently taught. I hope to remember it. Thanks again!