February 20, 2012

We've got a new face.

Welcome to some new changes on the blog—hopefully improved and welcome changes! We're constantly trying to figure out how to make this a worthwhile place to visit, which can be overwhelming. Blogging is such an unusual mode of communication because it feels very personal and impersonal at the same time. I don’t know the names and faces of most of the people that click on this page, yet I’m telling you about my life and hoping to help create a community among all of you. It’s weird, really.

But we feel to continue on...and are grateful to do so.

Recent thoughts on the purpose of this blog: Next month I turn 35. Yesterday I swear I was 18. I trust that there is a specific plan for my life—one that I am already pursuing—and one that I am urgent to continue to unfold. It's urgent only because I feel keenly aware of how time slips away like a dream and I really want each day to be meaningful. I don’t know if or when a marriage and family is in my earthly future. I believe that it is, but all I understand right now is life as a single person. It’s a strange place to sit. Gratefully, it is far less strange when I remember that there is a plan. And that that plan is enveloped in an even greater plan of happiness. What a blessed thought. I mention this only to remind that a path that includes being single is just as beautiful and important as the alternative if God is at the helm. This blog is for single women to inspire other single women to that end.

So as I am pursuant of my life’s path, I hope to write here as a method of accountability. I don’t intend that it will entail something spectacular. I do intend that it will be made up of deliberate, but small choices that help me to live the two greatest commandments more fully. Which is actually quite spectacular, come to think of it.

Thanks for visiting! Check out the new tabs on the sidebar and look forward this week to an interview with one of my favorite people. It’s going to be De-to-the-lightful!

Much love,


  1. Love this! I'm sending encouraging vibes your way :). I get so much out of reading the posts from you and Erin (and the music as well!). xo