February 24, 2012


I went running and it rained and I got drenched and I had a grin on my face (not unlike the one above where I'm unconsciously trying to cover the metal on my teeth) because it felt oddly freeing. I think I need to be caught outside in a rainstorm more often. Unless it's winter and I’m scantily clad. Or unless it’s acid rain and turns my hair green like it did that one time to Kimberly on Different Strokes. But barring those two scenarios I’m positive I would love it again.

Go here for weekend encouragement!

Listen to this for weekend enjoyment!
(I saw them at a house show in Virginia and was pretty taken with the vocal saw.)


  1. I agree!! I love rain runs. SOOO much. Loving the new posts too, H. They bring me peace. Love you.

  2. You look adorable! And thanks for the reminder of this beautiful song! It was quite amazing watching her sing such a sound.

    Remember the day you and I and my mom ran through the worst rain storm ever in DC? Love ya, H.

  3. Of course I remember that DC rainstorm! One of my favorite memories for sure. Love you too, friend.