January 2, 2012

Holiday scenes...and then let's get on with it.

Oakland temple grounds, brother and sister-in-law, Christmas decorations from the Patterson's home, 
and niecies with sparklers on our New Year's Eve hike. 

The holidays were lovely indeed.

But I'm quite past them. The 60 degree temps in St. George have got me thinking about spring and new beginnings and good things ahead. Not to mention the return of my missionary parents in just eight months! 

Don't get me wrong...I loved 2011. Big lessons: the right landscape can be very healing, I must do the most important things first thing in the morning, heartache can turn out awesome, fancying up your own home is very satisfying, senior missionaries are desperately needed, and being an auntie is still my favorite thing so far in life.

Hope the new year brings many beautiful surprises to us all!

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