January 6, 2012

Getting a grip.

Carrot soup and spring rolls. Sigh.
A couple nights ago I was struck with overwhelm by my single status…which was prompted by something slight and unexpected.  So I stopped at a favorite park and stood on a rock that looks out over a pond and asked myself and God how I was going to get a grip. Here’s the reality I was reminded of pretty quickly:

The destructive things I sometimes tell myself about why I must still be single are a lie. When I need to make real changes or take new steps, those promptings are always accompanied with confidence and love.

No one has control over me, my happiness, or my emotions. I choose to be happy and I choose to move forward.

Gratitude is possibly the greatest healer and also motivator.

Making a lovely dinner and hanging a new shower curtain liner really goes a long way in helping one to get a grip.

I'm baaaaaaack!


  1. Exactly. It's a big lie. Keep being so amazing. Your existence makes my life better. I'm serious.
    Missing Great Conversations With You,

  2. I just realized as I was listening to the incredible music in the video, above, that there is a small chance that my comment on this might sound like encouragement. You were clearly already encouraged. It was just an outburst of how much I like you.

  3. Lovely, just lovely. I have been reading a few books that have given me pause and made me rethink the types of questions I ask the Lord. One of them being "Why am I not married?" and another "What do I need to do to get married?" Bad questions I think. Especially since I know the answers, the comforting ones, are "no reason" and "nothing".

  4. dearest marie, i'll take encouragement too. :) miss and love you biggie.

  5. Heather, you're a great example. I love you and your in my prayers.