December 16, 2011

The reveal and other tales.

Here I am with braces (and with my friend Tamra at her smashing birthday party).
If you can't see the metal in my mouth...that's kind of the point. Yay!
However, if you got a little closer you would not only see the metal, but possibly remnants from my lunch. 
(It's unfortunate really, but I'm learning to carry a toothbrush in my pocket).

This is a stack of old books that were given to me last night by a friend who is moving 
across the country to be with his love. I'm not sure which part of that story is more beautiful. 
(p.s. I love old books with my whole heart, so I feel very lucky.)

I meant to take a picture of my Christmas tree, but got distracted by my favorite lamp.
 I painted it turquoise. Isn't it fantastic? Also, my Christmas tree is a lit-up tomato plant cage.
 It's kind of adorable, but no picture can do it justice.

Do you have any tales or Christmas delights to share?
Please do.

Happy weekend all!


  1. You look gorgeous with braces. And that lamp is so fabulous.

  2. You do look gorgeous, because you did without them, and I can't see them. Merry Christmas, wish I was going to see you, and everyone else who writes or comments on this blog for the holidays. Love you!