December 8, 2011

November Confessions

A week late and only one confession:

#1 I got braces. On my teeth. It’s super awesome. 


  1. H - I was there. Not long ago. And it WAS awesome!!! When they came off. I feel like I need to share something. Once upon a date, a guy asked me how many guys I'd kissed. I said zero, which at the time was true, and he for sure wasn't gonna be the first (didn't say that last part aloud). Coincidentally, I also had braces on at the time (which has no connection to my previous sentence.) He then explained to me his rationale of getting his braces four years before his mission, and keeping them on for that long up until the day before he left so that he wouldn't be tempted to kiss anyone. I don't know that the four year time frame was actually under his control, but I guess if you tell yourself that, it helps. Anyway, I've often thought about that awesome moment in my life when I realized I had absolutely nothing in common with this sentiment/guy, and that I wouldn't keep braces on for one day longer than necessary, no matter WHAT.

  2. Hilarious, Erin! Heather, as you well know, I too have had adult braces. I thought it necessary to make that comment here. I will also add that if you never have to wear "The Machine" that I did in your mouth for your honeymoon that will be cool. I guess those are kind of confessions.
    Love you!

  3. I admit that I was counting on a comment from both of you. I basically think of you as my adult braces mentors. I remember that I never even noticed your braces-which is giving me a lot of hope. Marie, I do remember "the machine" and mostly how we called it "the machine." You were so brave.

  4. WHAT?! You got braces?!?I need full details on this. #1 Can you send a picture? #2 Can you call me? (Sorry those aren't appropriate blog comments)