November 18, 2011


Finals are swallowing me up, so I don't have much to say.

That being said, I need to vent. (feel free to join me) (and keep in mind vent = just any thought you need to get out there. any. thought.)

1. the bus i was on ran a red light, mid-day, purposefully, methodically, successfully. from a full stop, to racing through the intersection at a break. that's how we do it in boston.

2. i went to an event at the H tonight, "arts in education" and it was an education. i thought it would be H students doing poetry, music, ad lib. instead local rappers came to show us how it's done. never knew about "occupy the hood" but its round these parts and ya'll are invited to support. somehow it felt like tremonton, southeast dc and the H were all colliding in front of me.

3.  why winter. why.


  1. I appreciate your vents, Erin. It inspires me to share as well.
    1. Joel was in another room for sacrament meeting so he could translate today. Jane wanted a rooster toy Abner had. This led to two kids screaming/writhing on the church bench all too quickly. Thankfully four of their nursery leaders were sitting in the two rows in front of us. I had all of the back-up I needed, but not without quite a bit of disruption.
    2. We watched Tree of Life last night. I've been hearing about it for a while. It was painful to watch, and beautiful. We're going to watch it again tonight and see what we think on the second round.
    3. I was getting to know a 12 year-old girl after a youth activity Friday night. She said she liked books so I asked what kind. She said, "Chapter books." Done. We had something in common.

  2. I would've given a lot to see that.

    By the way, have you written any new Twilight music? They are going to need it after that last movie.