November 29, 2011

Stay tuned.

Friends, bear with us as we make some decisions about the blog.

In the mean time, here's some stuff I've been thinking about:

This challenge
This documentary
This chapter
(just to name a few...)

What's on your mind?

I've been simplifying. It's nice. And needed.

Hope you all are well and feeling an abundance of love and hope this holiday season.


  1. Heather, I love knowing what is on your mind! We watched Forks Over Knives a little while back and it really rocked our family world. We are starting to ease back into a normal life now, though. TONS of greasy meat. Just kidding, but I'm slowly merging all of the conflicting food fact and opinion and tradition into something happy and liveable I hope.

  2. Simplifiying sounds so great right now. I second Marie, I love knowing what's on your mind too. Thanks H.

  3. Love that you keep us informed on all of this! The challenge is awesome! Thanks, H