November 1, 2011

October Confessions

#1 Yesterday I wore a cape to work. The end.

#2 On any given day I only have enough hot water in my shower to shave one leg (when needed). I confess that this week I shaved one leg and then completely forgot about the other one...for several days. It was awesome on whatever awesome scale this kind of thing belongs. Later I wondered if I was unconsciously influenced by a recent watching of Jeremiah Johnson. He never shaved.

#3 Either I never knew or I totally forgot until three weeks ago that Amelia Earhart's plane went down in the ocean while trying to fly around the world. It wasn't the first time I've felt like my education has failed me. I'm just now processing what I should've processed at least 25 years ago! .

Here's to a FANTASTIC new month and lots of potential confessions. I love November!!!


  1. Confession:

    1. Speaking of shaving...I do laser hair removal. Da bom!

    2. Speaking of Amelia Earhart...I've read about her a lot and don't think I ever knew her plane went down while trying to fly around the world. AND I don't think it's as big of a deal as you do that you didn't know that.

  2. Confessions:

    1) I did know about Amelia Earhart. I remember hearing about her when I was eight or nine, via a documentary. Shortly thereafter I read in the National Enquirer that she had been abducted by aliens and had been found on an Island when they brought her back to the earth. My confession is that I believed all of it, and prayed for her, that she'd be ok.

    2) I remember a YW leader telling us not to shave our legs before a date, as kind of insurance against immorality. My confession is, I didn't follow her advice, and also confess I think hairy legs aren't that awesome of a safeguard against anything.

  3. 3) Confession three is to clarify confession 2: I didn't stop shaving before dates but I also didn't fall prey to evil young men. Just wanted to make sure that last part didn't sound like a confession meant for the bishop.