October 18, 2011

That's backwards.

Here’s the truth: I haven’t spent five seconds thinking about blogging in the past five days. Rather I’ve been juicing the life out of a bunch of well-meaning produce with a 25-year-old juicer I inherited from my mom (it’s awesome). I’ve also been indulging in a renewed interest in NPR. While most of the world is quickly progressing in technology, I am slowly digressing. No internet or TV at home, no facebook account, and no iPhone, but I did just buy an $11 radio for my house. It’s not even digital—it’s dial. I love it.

All this to say that yesterday on Here and Now Robin Young interviewed Barry Duncan who claims to be a Master Palindromist. I dare say he is! This guy admitted that years ago he almost had to be hospitalized because he was constantly thinking of the reversal of words and phrases, but since he wasn’t good at it yet it almost made him crazy. Now he writes palindromes that are hundreds of words long and centered on a specific subject. Uh...for real?? This phrase is one of his favories: same nice cinemas.

Okay, rewind ten years. When I was in my early twenties I was not attempting palindromes, but I went through a phase where I constantly read words backwards. I can't remember how it started, but while Barry Duncan is some kind of genius, I think I was probably just bored. Pretty much the habit went away after I found my favorite backwards word. Allow me to blow your mind with this: snostrebla (it's Albertson's backwards). Just say it out loud and you'll love it too.

Anyway, thanks to NPR and Barry Duncan for blowing my mind today.

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