September 15, 2011

Thursday Thoughts


I don't have a lot of fascinating, moving or brilliant things to say. So, in lieu of that I just wanted to vent. 

Liz and Heather and Marie and I used to vent, and it was very freeing. 

Vent number one: the two stoned guys on the bus today that swayed dangerously every turn, and were about to fall on top of me, that kept talking about just being released from the military, wanted free cigarettes, and were yelling about a military duffel bag and who took it? Yeah. That was weird. And sad.

Vent number two: Please don't read this if you have a dog and live in the city - deal? A) I get not wanting to leave your dog's poop on other people's lawns. B) I'm grateful, really grateful there are people who care. But...when I see people out walking their dogs, carrying around their dog's poop something within me says, "why? why do I live in a world where this is normal?" 

Vent number three: There are really, really, really amazing women out there. And I wonder where the men are who deserve them. What happened, when, and why. (No vent number two and three are not on the same level of ventiveness.)

That's all folks. 


  1. hahaha! "Not the same level of ventiveness." True dat.

  2. I love these pretty pictures Erin! And yes, I miss our "venting" days - especially when it meant just talking about some not-fully-processed thought from that day - no real complaint involved.

    If I may I'd like to vent a bit from my day:

    1) Whhhhat? - you're already leaving for work, Dan? I didn't even realize it was time to get up since it's my telework day. OK, have a good day. . . after venting I realized he was letting me sleep in but I went back to sleep and never thought it through.

    2) OK, weird - I'm not getting that many work emails. This is great but strange. . . after venting I realize that's because it's Friday.

    3)Why am I not dressed at 2:51 in the afternoon. . . after venting I realize it's because I'm tied to my computer and I don't see any reason to get dressed.

    Thanks, Erin! It felt really good to get that stuff out!! miss you ladies xo, Liz

  3. Okay, I'm late, but let's do this every day. I miss this kind of thing from you guys. Thanks, Erin.
    Two things, Joel talks to me about life insurance every day and thinks I'm supposed to be excited about how rich I could get if he dies. Next, my chickens are pooping all over everything in my backyard, including my picnic table. Sick! We need to fence off some areas.


  4. Confession: I think I may have the same level of ventiveness about 2 and 3. As 2 really makes me nauseous, and if I see the possible scenario ahead of me I look away, hold my breath, and pretend it isn't real. And 3, well, I also sometimes hold my breath and pretend it isn't real. But, as it turns out, they both are. Then again it may just be that the quote, "She eagerly threw herself into the paths of unsuitable men." is just my M.O. And in that case...shame on me. :)

  5. Em, I miss you. We should chat soon.