September 23, 2011

Photo Friday

I'm off with my sisters to visit the cutest missionaries around (insert Mom and Dad here) for the weekend. 
Can't wait to bear hug them at the airport!!!! I'm so excited I could die.

I met the Cape (Cod) this weekend where my friend and former roommate Rachael and a couple 
of her friends were camping.  Such a beautiful place to be. That evening we sat around a campfire, with tin-foil dinners then cider and smores. It was a treat. 

Every time I say goodbye to summer a part of me dies. It's the part of me that finds happiness in doing good. jk it might not be that serious but it's serious enough I have to surround myself with extra good things to compensate until she returns. 

- e r


  1. Heather - have a great trip!! Erin - You have me DYING. I am LOL-ing hard core. But, on the season change thing, it is really interesting the way God works this. I'm actually excited about winter (and rainy season here). I feel a little like, "Bring it on!" Not disrespectfully or anything.

  2. Oh Erin, I miss your sense of humor.

    I too am lamenting the summer coming to an end. But fall is one of my most nostalgic times, and often you are included in the nostalgia. As it reminds me of starting college for the first time, Cedar City, crazy soccer teams, frozen yak meat, and endless bowls of refried beans and tortilla chips.

  3. H, I can't wait to hear how the mission is going for your parents!

    Erin, you're hilarious - I feel you on the summer thing! It's just waaaay too short in the East. Winter can be a pleasant season, but not for more than a month. Ugh.

  4. Ah, the yak meat and refried beans. And do you remember the ENDLESS ENDLESS molasses donuts?? ha ha ha

    Glad to hear some of you enjoy winter. I will try to emulate.