September 2, 2011

Photo Friday

Did I ever mention there are stairs at my new place? Tons of them? Loving it. 

I saw Grease at Tuacahn last night. I may have been more excited about being
outside under the stars than I was about watching the musical...but I enjoyed that too.
It didn't make me want to wear tight pants to get the guy, but it did make me
want to roller skate and drink a milkshake. 


  1. I saw Les Mis there and though the musical was truly beautiful, I think that I will remember those red rocks behind the set as much or more!

  2. I love Photo Friday but must admit that I would love to see both of your beautiful faces in the pictures more often! Just so I know it's real and you aren't saying this is what you're up to when you really aren't. Like that time I posted that I was going to see Thor - but I never did. (I guess this should be a comment under the "Confessions" post.) Also, love the new "interviews" link!! xo!