September 22, 2011

In your face!!!

Let it be said that when Liz requested pictures of my face I also responded.

Can I have one more Thursday vent session?

It's not so much I have a ton to vent about, but rather I surely enjoyed everyone else's vents and that's my real motivator here.

ALso, I wanted to thank Liz for pointing out that our tradition of venting has no necessary connection with complaint. In fact sometimes the farther the better. We used it more for the purpose of getting out unprocessed thoughts.  (In case you were wondering.)

Vent numero uno: Dan keeps telling me he'll be here soon. I think it's possible to think too much like Helaman. (Christ's coming will be soon = 200 years, give or take 50)

Vent numero dos: When is the part of life where we get to really live? I mean, the part where angelic music plays in the background while we eat manna and walk through parted red seas with friends and family surrounding us?

Vent numero tres: I thought I could think of three, but really, today's there's only two. So vent number three is venting about how I couldn't think of three things.

Thanks friends.


  1. Thanks for your vents. I like your face on here!
    I'd like to respond with some vents:
    1st - Uchtdorf rocked RS conference again. He knows women and he knows the gospel, and he is an Apostle. I love this man.
    2nd - Yesterday Joel cut most of a beetle-infested tree down in our yard. A rat ran out after one fat, hollow log hit the ground. I was the only one who saw this. I also was the only one who saw this same or a similar rat run across our power line recently. It reminded me of New York rats. Creepy.

  2. Haha! Seeing both of your beautiful faces makes my day!! And Heather - that record is quite a gift! Hadn't heard that there was a new Beirut album out but I'm definitely going to get that. Thanks!

    And Erin, I love your "venting". I need to vent the fact that this little girl in church kept looking at a fruit snack that someone had left on the floor and I could see she was very tempted to eat it. I'm not sure what ever happened with that.