August 23, 2011


Hey friends, if you read us in google reader, take a minute to click on our blog...we're revamping and I think it's shaping up nicely. Check back as we add some new features, but be patient because we're not too html savvy. :)

I had a lovely weekend in Springdale, Utah--as in the little town at the foot of Zion's National Park. When I visited for my first time a few years ago I told myself that I would live there someday. I guess 45 minutes away is close enough for now! My dear friend Lisa was hiking in Zion's with some friends and we had the chance to catch up, just the two of us, for a full four hours...which is rare and also awesome. I slept under the stars, visited a ghost town close by, and went with another friend to pick apples in an orchard. And I liked all of it very much. 

Sometimes when I am surrounded by beautiful and majestic things (like sky-high red rock mountains) I start to feel confused about how I should spend my time. It overwhelms me, actually. I worry that I'm wasting moments. So I'm recommitting myself to being a wise steward over my moments...without forgetting that beauty and majesty is found in quiet meditation and a walk around the block as much as it is found in stunning desert scenes.

Say a little prayer for my co-blogger Erin who is driving to Boston today!

Look out Harvard.  


  1. That's where we want to live when we're millionaires since it's so land-locked ;-)

  2. The site looks great! I didn't even know ya'll were this html savvy. I'm super-impressed.