August 18, 2011

A note on LOVE

The singles' scene can be a bit brutal at times. (Now there's some Revelation.)

While I have questioned the outcome and the purpose of some of the dating experiences I've had, there have been a few "saving graces" that have made it all ok in the end - and this brother is one of them. (I could say the same thing about each member of my family.)

Tomorrow we both head off to school, he to Virginny, I to Boston. I'll be leaving my family, and the next time we get together will be for a wedding - my wedding! And since I'm leaving them "for good", I've been thinking about what a gift families are. 

We can't really make it through this world alone. No one is good enough, or wise enough, or brave enough, or strong enough. We all fail. In addition to providing a Savior who will help each of us compensate for any loss or handicap, I'm grateful we also have families. And this lead me to another thought on love.

I've been thinking about how a servant serves because of fear, an hired worker for wages – for a reward; but a son or daughter serves because of Love. That made me wonder, if that isn’t part of the beauty, the “magic” of families. 

We came here to become part of families, and we were spiritually begotten because of a capacity to feel and act based on Love.  Perhaps with the birth of the spirit was our birth to Love.  Maybe Love is an emotion unique to families, or at least, cultivated to perfection therein.  Maybe we developed to a certain extent, and once we were capable of feeling and acting based on Love we were ready for this life. Ready for families. Ready, or more ready, to become like God.  Because He Loves. His acts are based in Love.  The adversary would destroy our love for each other, our love for ourselves, our love of Good. But Love is our Divine Nature. We were born out of Love, and into Love, and for Love. As we became capable of love, we became capable of being in families, of being part of God’s family, for His is a family of Love and He loves us, as dearly and deeply as Love were ever known.  

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