August 13, 2011

The Fine Print: Part II

I'm about to climb this mountain again; only this time it will take about 52 times longer (a year, instead of week.) It will be a bit more expensive, and I won't end up at 19,000+ feet.

It will entail meeting with government officials in Kenya (for him) 
and who knows where for me; interrogations and paperwork galore; 
and days and weeks and months, of waiting.
 But at the end of it, this guy, Daniel Mwanje, will be allowed to step foot on US soil.

Then the day of my dreams, and the man of my dreams will finally mesh, 
and we'll get married (not sure exactly where yet, or when.)

 We'll live here, and there; but mostly here for a while.

That will be the beginning of our adventure. 


  1. Let me know if you need any help up this mountain. (Emotionally and friend-wise, more than with paperwork - unless you need that. I can, you know, type something up.)

  2. Thanks Marie!!! I can't wait to be living next to you with our little families.