July 1, 2011

Photo Friday

Wanted: 40 Mosquito Nets
While working here in Uganda I have had to come up with some pretty clear guidelines for giving . . . because there is need everywhere, I've realized I feel a lot better about myself and the entire situation when I focus on the real, most often unseen, needs (the roots of the problems) and focus on solving those.  Consequently, I try not to spend my time/means in ways that create dependency, entitlement, etc. Sometimes, however, I find a real, immediate need that I feel great about addressing. Yesterday I visited Cranes Primary School that houses/educates 68 orphans and about 250 other needy kids. All but a handful of the children do not have mosquito nets, which means malaria is a lot more likely. If you feel so inclined, $5.00 will buy a net that will last 5-10 years and help a number of orphaned/homeless kids!

My mom and dad celebrated 38 years of marriage this week! So grateful for parents who have stuck by each other's side for that long...and counting. Also so grateul for my dad's polyester checkered suite coat and my mom's butterly barrettes. Too cute.


  1. Erin, where do we send $ to donate mosquito nets to the orphanage??

  2. http://serviceforlifefoundation.org/default.aspx

    "Timothy's Orphans"

  3. Will you post said foundation information on fb? It will be easier to pass along too.