June 19, 2011

Some Important Details

The downside: sometimes you wake up and see a cockroach in bed next to you, but it's dead, so it could be worse.

The upside: At night the electricity is out, so everything is quiet and the stars seem about to explode above your head they are so bright; you wash your hair in rain water (which Einer Ericksen, your science teacher, always said would make your hair as beautiful as his. You hope it works.)

Cooking dinner on a charcoal stove. 


  1. I Love Einar! I remember him fondly. May your wishes come true and your hair be luscious and fulfill your wildest dreams.

  2. Yes, he was amazing. Thank you for your well-wishes. I need them, as evidenced by the fuzz-ball attached to my head in the above picture.

  3. Awesome, but I think rain water only works if you wear blue shirts and bolo ties. And are a descendent of vikings. You my friend, are descended from Zeus.

  4. Alas for my greek god ancestry. But did I never tell you I am also related to Helgemuth the Great, and he of all men was indeed a viking!!!